How to Post an Internship

Internship opportunities can be posted by a registered organization at any time at absolutely no charge. Follow the instructions below to post your internship opportunity in minutes.

Before You Start

If this is your first time posting an internship, first you must register your organization. Click here for instructions on registering your organization.


Step 1

From the home page, click Post an Internship.


Step 2

Enter information about your internship opportunity including a description, requirements and responsibilities, and instructions for how the student should contact your organization about this opportunity. All fields with an asterisk are required. Fill out as much information about your internship opportunity as possible in order to attract the best applicants.


Step 3

Congratulations, students will now be able to see your internship opportunity in search results.


After Expiration

When your application deadline is reached, your internship opportunity will no longer show up in search results. Click here to learn how to extend your application deadline